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"...one by one my leaves fall, one by one my tales are told..."

In Progress-
The Maids of Silva: [fairytale/romance] Gundam Wing (By Happily Ever After)
Eternity In His Hand: [drama/romance] Gundam Wing

Coming Soon-
Animus Infusco: [drama/AU] Harry Potter
Let Nothing Come Between: [drama] Third Watch
Sound the Bugle: [drama/angst] Gundam Wing

I'm a 21 year old female forensic anthropology major with a minor in criminal justice. I live in Missouri, USA and am currently juggling school, a novel, a webpage, and my fanfics. I love to write Gundam Wing, as you can see, but I also like to expand my horizons by writing in different categories. I also love music, any kind, but particulary movie soundtracks. I'm a great big movie lover and some of my favorites are Moulin Rouge, The Matrix, Legend, Signs, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. Most days you can find me hanging out at the Heero and Relena Mailing List or at Blissful Ignorance, reading and posting fics. I love to chat, about writing and anything else that comes to mind, so feel free to look me up on MSN or AOL.

Note: I keep a Gundam Wing update list whose members receive an email each time I upload a GW fanfiction. If you would like your name added leave it in a review or send an email. Thank you.

My current obsession is: Third Watch

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