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So, yeah I know once again there has been a long ass absence on my part. Suffice it to say I kind of sorta lost interest in writing original stories for the time. But I'm think of making a comeback. Though unlike my works on that you can find here: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/334894/Black-Jack278 they'll will take spot on the back burn. Meaning there will be long ass updates and such. Okay, to be honest there will be long ass updates whether they were on the back burning or not. Just a heads up.

Now that we got that out of the way on with the rest of the profile.

Name: Tara

Age: 35

Interests: Reading writing, playing videos games, watching anime and various cartoons and writing. Sadly, work seems to eat up most of my time for these hobbies.

I never know what to write for these damn things. So, you might seem see some updates on this profile as well.

Upcoming stories:

Queen Of The Forest. (Fantasy)(A Rewrite)

Orb Of The Stars.(Fantasy) (Another Rewrite)

A Sea Of Neon Lights. (Sci fi/ Cyberpunk)

Pawprints In Snow (Fantasy)

Sorry this isn't the most interesting profile on the website, but I hope you enjoy your stay when I finally get some stories up.

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