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P.A. Lovas PM
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Well, it seems like everybody else is writing bios, and since I'm a disciple to peer pressure...well, here goes nothing.

I've been deeply tainted by the whole yaoi/slash trend, but I doubt you'll find me complaining about it. I'm an avid fangirl of angst and fluff (preferably all in the same story) and
I love realism. I do my best to shy away from Sci-Fi and Fantasy, though every now and again, a wonderful story comes along, dragging me into the current. It’s a personal preference really, just like me and my fluff.

As far as I’m concerned…well…I'm too happy to be a goth, too jaded to be normal, and too obedient to be a delinquent. I personally like to think I'm floating in the purgatory between these three worlds.

My online journal can be found at http://, though, I wouldn’t come looking for anything remotely intelligent. It’s just a whole lot of me being stupid. ^^;

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