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Wizard of Souls here, updating this little message.

It's been two years since I last put a message here, saying that I hadn't written anything and that I would post something by the end of '09. Well, I managed to do so, barely, and haven't been back to this site since.

The last two years have been entertaining, to say the least. I've transfered schools, changing my major in the process. I've taken a couple of creative writing classes (to varying degrees of helpfulness), met new people, and moved into an apartment. I'm a lot more comfortable in my own skin, although I'm far more withdrawn.

What does that mean for you, my dear readers? Well, along with all these changes (especially the writing classes), I've written more. I did NaNoWriMo last year and managed to finish 50,000 words. It still needs to be editted and revised, but it's a wonderful start. I also have short stories from my classes I wrote, which have been revised and peer editted. I may post them here, if I get any requests to.

Most importantly, though, is that I have a project in the works that I 100 plan to post here on fictionpress as soon as it's done. I've enjoyed writing it so far, so I hope you all enjoy reading it once it goes up. Everything else is touch-and-go with posting here, but if I think it'll survive here (or I get requests for more stuff) I'll post more.

Peace out and here's to hoping I finish my little project sooner rather than later.

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