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Yes this is Molly's poem of us.

We are all very strange.
We all have our talents, none of which are very usefull.
There's Gill; a limbless gynecologist who treats people with The Plague.
Then there's Stacy; a rabid nut-sucking squirrel who wishes she had a brain.
There's Katy; a teaologist who likes to invent "unique" flavors of tea.
There's Nicole; a dungeons and dragons obsessed chick who would like nothing more than to beat the 'Dark Elf'.
There's Brianna; a tree who is actually a whore who will grant eternal beauty and non-bestiality.
Dana; a bald dwarf with overactive sweat glands.
And then there's me, a beast-like hairy hermit, mail-order preist with the Plague.

That is us. Welcome to our page. Enter at your own risk.

We are the Pathetic Group of Losers. this dream team consists of: Molly (Homely Molly), Stacy (Rabid nut-sucking squirrel) , Gill (torso woman), Dana(a bald dwarf with over active sweat glands), Brianna (tree/whore) , Katy(the Teaologist) and Nicole(Dongeons and dragons obsessed chick). We are extremely perverted and these fics are not recommended for people under the age of 18, horny boys, or dirty old men. We are not responsible for any loss of innocence and will not pay for a psychiatrist if readers become traumatised and paranoid schizophrenics. We also apologise for any priest or pope jokes that appear in our fics. Molly has some serious problems with preists. (she's a papaphobic) Thank-you, and please review! We also want to warn everyone that there are very random actors and political leaders that appear in these stories. We just want to say that we just joking around and never really want to do anything to them(except maybe assasinate Bush but thats just Stacy and Molly, they have problems with him). Molly might have somthing to say about this but oh well. she can suck it up like that princess she is. We may also make some jokes about the people in the army, because we dont believe in war at all, but please dont be offended all you patriotic Americans! (Stacy doesnt like Americans by the way, so you'd have to take it up with her...)*Stacy sniffs* I don't hate all Americans...just the stupid freak ones who enjoy making war with countries that won't even have a flying chance at surviving.

ALERT: We have two new recruits joining our pathetic group! Yes, praise them, worship them, just as you do us... ahem. Anyways, our two newcomers are cardMarsters and Metatron the Transforming Angel! cardMarsters is a cardboard cut-out of our favorite concubine, James Marsters! He enjoys long walks on the beach followed by much steamy sex. Metatron is an angel (yes a real angel from the christian religion) can transform into whatever he wants (Ok, so maybe we made that part up)! Look for his adventure which is coming as soon as we manage to get off our lazy asses and upload it ^_^! We love you our (non-exsistant) fans! Remember to R&R! And again we have added another to our pathetic group. his name by day is Mr.Counselor the Counselor but by night and every other time hie goes by Stay in School MAN!!!!! he preaches for you to stay in school!! beware...

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