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Hello everyone,

As you can see, I'm back. I hope for good this time.

There are a lot of things that happened in my two years of absence. I wasn't really able to find the time to update my stories, or to rewrite my pet project Tsubasa Reverse due to the nature of my work that demanded a lot of time and attention. I've also become the new owner and administrator of an online community called Ichiraku, mostly a forum about anime, gaming, and random things. You can check it out by CLICKING THIS LINK.

Now that I'm on vacation, I hope to be able to complete my unfinished projects, and to create new ones.

I will be removing outdated stories that are still displayed here, but will be replacing them with a few things I've worked since I was away. Since I know it's pretty impossible for me to write several novel-length stories all at the same time, I've broken down my projects into three areas: a new novel called Scion which replaces much of Tsubasa Reverse, a collection of stories called The Elexiad, and reserve stories like the Tsubasa series, whose elements may find their way in future stories I will write. Tsubasa is NOT canceled, but rather pushed back as I try to re-organize my creative juices and prioritize things. You may wonder why I didn't bother with Tsubasa; this is because there are irreconcilable inconsistencies in the timeline (and for those who know, you know that Tsubasa has a very strict timeline than most) which broke the story apart.

So what's with Scion?

Scion is actually a name of a game currently in development with other dudes, which will be a browser-based game focusing on multiplayer and PvP. Scion tells the story of a Michaelite, a soldier during the years post-Armageddon, in service to the Church of Millennium that rules the survivors of the apocalypse from the Holy City of Sion. This Michaelite, named Arye Shiki, is an important part of the game, often appearing in cameos, although the story and the game runs parallel and independent of each other.

The Elexiad, on the other hand, is a collection of short stories and novellas that explore a lot of themes. It began with writing "original content" for an infamous board on the Internet, which specifically involves horror stories. As it progressed however it contained a lot of themes and genres, most of which are experimental, and which I will be uploading here for everyone's enjoyment once an entry is complete. Some existing short stories here will be repackaged as part of this collection, and given a "vol." number.

So there you go. I hope some of you still remember! And yes, review me, and I'll review you. Simple as that, ain't it?

~diamond_dust08 (Zanyuki)

"For want of a nail the kingdom is lost."
- Scion (from an anonymous proverbial rhyme)

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