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youdon'tknowme91 PM
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well, i know i haven't been updating anything in centuries and i'm so sorry!

But i think i won't be updating for a long while more.. cos i just can't write about things i don't quite know yet- or don't know anything about. Yeahh, so, if you're interested in finding good writing stuff in this website, check out my fave stories ;)

And oh yeah, just for the record, i think my materials are seriously lame but i can't seem to make myself delete them so just read them if you want :p haha!

have a nice day then! ;)


It's amzing to come back here to this profile of mine and remember how i was like at 14.

seriously, it's embarrassing, especially more so because all my works here were done when i was like, what, 12-14?


i think i'm off to hide my face now, but frankly speaking, if you're looking for good materials, you really ought to check my fave stories section ;)

good day y'all!

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