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All my fics were on an older comp. I burned them onto a CD, but the software isn't compatible with this new computer. We (family and I) need to find a disc with the right software, but aren't really surewhere to look. I don't know when I'll be able to open the files, so I don't know when I can continue the fics. I'm sorry. If I get any new ideas, I'll try to write them up.


Well. To start off, I use fanfiction.net much more than this. I find it easier to use someone else's characters and plots than to make your own.

I have a few random stories tumbling around my head. I'm trying to write them down so I won't forget, but a few are already gone.

I am usually not so serious. But I am almost always up for a chat, from books, movies, music, to communications, sex, love, and finishing with governments, politics, and philosophy. Email me if you feel like talking, about almost anything.

To finish, if you are here, I'm assuming you have read one of my stories. Even if you have just come here randomly (kudos for the odd spelling of my nick) thank you!

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