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hi! Wasup? (well besides the sky, ceiling, etc.) I write fanfics about Tenchi Muyo ones, Pokèmon ones, and random stories I wrote. I already have season 1 and 2 for the Pokèmon one! Except... They're not all typed up T_T() he he. You can read my Pokèmon ones which are called Tracy's Love (season 1) and The Trouble With Teens (season 2). The weird thing about this Pokèmon one is that it has two sides to the story. My side which the main character is Tracy and his GF, Sarah (season 1) and for season 2, the main characters are Richie and his GF, Amber. The other side of this story's main character is Gina (season 1 and 2). If you want to read the other side check out 'A Wanna Be Pokèmon Soap Opera'. Oh and my Tenchi Muyo one is called, Tenchi-In And Out Of Love. Please read them and review them. OH, also, when I get my site going I'll add all of my fanfics there and my fanart.
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