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I am a sixteen year old girl from a small mountain town in the boonies of British Columbia. I have three older brothers in their twenties and a younger brother and sister who are twins. We have a large family
I play hockey as well as ref and I have just recieved my blue belt in karate.
I play the flute and am taking piano and guitar lessons although I am not that well versed in either instrument (particularly the guitar)
I like being outdoors and consider winter the best time of the year. I like fishing particularly with my brothers and their friends as I often manage to out fish them.
I consider Metallica to be the best band in the history of time and would gladly lay down my life for Kirk, James and Lars.
I'm saracastic only as often as I talk or think and many people conider me smart, though I'm not quite sure why. I'm addicted to pepsi the way some people are addicted to heroin and condider french fries the perfect food.
I have brown hair and eyes and am quite pale. I don't consider myself ugly or immensly overweight but don't feel I'm going to be winning any beauty contests anytime soon.
I don't wear makeup as a matter of opinion that woman should not have to alter their appearances just to fit the public's oppinion of what looks good. Then again if you like makeup I have no problem with that.
Some of my friends call me a goth which isn't really true. I wear what I think looks good and have a preference for darker colours.
When I grow up i want to be my brother Nathan except less of a man. As for my writing, it sucks. I wouldn't recomend reading it if I were you. I only put my poems up because my friend wanted me to but I doubt you'll enjoy them.
In the future there may be a few more stories but until then only poems.
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