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The Assassin's Shadow PM
Joined Mar '03

Well, time again for a new bio. Ach, so long since I've been on. We'll start with some info...

Name: Twig, Madhatter, Damien, Daesor, Matti, and now Masturbation Girl (don't ask...or maybe do)...the list is extended


Location: The middle of nowhere- this time with CORNFIELDS! That's why I can hide all the bodies.

Authors you should check out: Mirrorwind, Eyes of Fire, Quililr, Fireborn Darkness, Damages, Quaria, Skull- Raven...and so forth.

Clinically: Depressed, insane, and apparently paranoid schizophrenic!

CurrentState: Lonely and in need of conversation, but fairly cheery.

Obsession: Literature, Cult Classics, music, cleaning

Eyes: Bright Green

Hair: Blonde at the moment...

Fav. Time of Day: Middle of the Night or the Gloaming

Scenery: Ocean or any water

Okay, just read and review...

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