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I'm an eighth-grader living in a tiny, tiny town in New Jersey. I run a newsletter with a bunch of cool links every week, so you might want to check that on my blog. Read my livejournal for a look into my brain, albeit far less squishy and gross than the real thing.


After eight months of ignoring fictionpress, I've finally updated with "The Rites". Generally, my most recent work is my best, so read that first.

Want a picture of Fighia, a character in my stories? Go to http:///photoalb.html for a picture of him as of chapter 17. Don't look unless you want a spoiler, however! The same thing for this pic of Newbia at http:///fanq/i/c/icecap2/deedlit2.jpg.html?_=1049924871 as she appears at the end of chapter 19, only without the pierced ears, is younger, different clothes, and not so stunning. I'm not Ellen Tam, the artist, though.

Want some fan-fiction? I have an account at http://www.fanfiction.net/ of the same name as this one. Check it out.

Some Funny Quotes:

"Lets say one day you are at the aqaurium...an octopus comes to you...you stare at the octopus. The octopus stares at you and then runs away, spraying ink spelling, immposibly, tacos. What would you do? Would you go buy some tacos? Would you sneak past the security and drop tacos into the aquariam? Would you devote your life to finding an octopus named Tacos?"

-Dave from the show Portal (para-phrasing a bit, can't remember the entire quote)

"Oh no, you killed my friend, now I have to open a can, a can of kick butt, here it comes! All the while I'm.. still.. cute!" *giggle*"

-Snuggy Dove from Portal, singing the entire time and looking cute. In the same episode, everyone who hears her cute voice singing like crazy instantly goes into a swearing fit. Her brother Bloody Dove went insane. Her other brother Sunny Dove became extremely happy and cheerful.

-Sunny Dove, from the TV show Portal, on G4TV.

"Chris is unstoppable! Well, not really, but..."
-My teacher

"I want to be immortal or die trying!"
-Bumper Sticker

"You find me 're mouth says no, but your eyes...well, they say no also, but you find me attractive."
-Matt Gallant, Planet's Funniest Animals, pretending to be a bird who likes a cat in a clip.

"Here comes Mister Rich Guest
He gives us many tips
when he eats his but gets bigger
and easier to kiss."
-Spirited Away

"My wife thinks I'm too nosy. At least thats what she keeps scribbling in her diary."
-Drake Sather

"When you said you wanted to kill yourself...did you make an appointment?"
-Psycho Angel Mouse Doctor, in a comic

"...And special thanks to all those literary professionals who are involved in the eventual release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix We want you to know we're really impressed with your swiftness, your sympathy towards the vast and desperate mob of expectant HP fans, and your always-lucid and informational press releases.
You bunch of total @!?*$^$!!!"
-Arabella and Zsenya, Sugerquill story "After the End" about Harry Potter.

"(written as a bloody suicide note) Dear Loved Ones: I get high on life...but I've decided to quit cold turkey." And also:

"You make my heart smile...which kind of makes my left arm tingle."

"Yeah, I met a Pope once..." http:///users/stupid_drawings/66214.html

--Stupid Drawings

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