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Hello readers I am Belle the Shadow-Cat soon to be Belle Starlia as soon as I change my pen name.. Yes.. I've been inactive.. and yes, my updates have been next to nil for some time.. But guess what? The Shadowcat is making a return. ^_^

Stay tuned for a new installment for Spirit Guardians (starting totally over) Perchance to Dream, and whatever else.

Update! Here is the Spirit Guardians: The Book of Ages sign up. Please e-mail it to me at kjcats88@ and have 'spirit guardians' as the subject line. I will get back to you ASAP as to whether your Guide/Guardian pair were accepted.

Sign up

Guide’s Name: (Self explanatory)

Age: (Same. But Be reasonable – no human should be 100)

Gender: (Male or Female, no ‘its’ please)

Species: The population of Altaria is human – if you have a good reason or explanation of some sort, you may have something other than ‘human’. However, the character must, at least, be very humanistic (Think like Elves). Keep in mind I won’t be allowing many, if any – any other species would be a minority. And also note that 'Guide' is just a term to refer to humans who have Guardians; otherwise, they're just normal people.

Appearance: What your character looks like. Include usual clothing, appearance, etc.

Personality: The most important part. What is your character like? Amiable, taciturn.. what? No one liners please – the more detailed sign up you give me the more accurate I can portray your character and the more likely your sign up will be accepted.

Guardian’s Name: (Your character’s animal companion’s name)

Guardian’s Age: (I’ll be a bit more lenient here, but don’t be unreasonable.)

Gender: (Male, Female, or perhaps even ‘it’)

Species: (Your Guardian can be anything – any kind of animal. Made-up or not. I don’t care what it is – dragon, dinosaur, wolf.. spider.. you name it.. Just don’t make it overly complicated.. such as.. ‘My Guardian is a giant spider with a human torso, dragon’s head, centipedes feet..whatever. Just give it a name.)

Appearance: What your Guardian looks like.

Personality; (Again, the most important part. As Guardians can and DO talk and speak like every sentient creature, they have very developed and diverse personalities.)

(What Element(s) is your Guardian?) They can be one/two of the below, listed aside their opposing element. (Note dual-types are rare, and not all will be accepted if I find there are too many.)


Each Element has its own disadvantage and advantages; if you’re guardian is dual-type, it may be two of any of the above, save they be opposing in elements. Ie. No Fire/Water Guardians.


Fire: Your guardian can wield/create/and or manipulate fire and anything to do with fire.

Water: Your guardian can create, and/or manipulate Water (Includes ‘Ice’) and the like. As you can guess, they are excellent swimmers, and if not aquatic by nature, they can breathe underwater.

Wind: Your guardian can create and or manipulate Wind and all of its aspects. These Guardians, even if they do not have wings, can ‘walk’ or ‘float’ seemingly on the wind with ease.

Gravity: This Guardians manipulate Gravity – they are able to make anyone light or heavy as they choose, which as you can imagine, can be very handy in many situations.

Earth: These Guardians can manipulate and or create things of the earth – including aspects of nature and things such as earth and rocks – pretty easy to imagine.

Thunder: These guardians can create and or manipulate electricity in all its forms.

Mirror: These Guardians are excellent illusionists and are able to create and maintain illusions of the eye, ear, and touch (Some guardians specialize in one aspect; some excel in many, it depends) and other aspects of transformations. They can also create shields and such defensive abilities. Keep in mind that Mirror Guardians use a lot of energy when using their abilities, and get tired out easily when using their abilities – especially the bigger ones.

Chronos: Your Guardian can manipulate time in some of its forms. They can still the moment (‘freeze time’) fast forward a small amount, or backwards. ) All of this takes a tremendous amount of energy and power.

Light: Your Guardian can manipulate Light in its all its forms and incarnations, as you can imagine…

Darkness: Also known as ‘dark’. Excels in the darker arts and skills, using darkness and manipulating it to their will – they also have a perchance for poisons.

Stats – ah, the fun part.

You have 60 points to divide amongst the following stats, and serves as a help for me to help determine your guardians abilities and such.. No stat may be less than 5.

Might: (You Guardian’s physical strength)

Resistance: (Your Guardian’s resistance to physical attacks)

Speed: (Your Guardian’s speed in movement)

Spirit: (Your Guardian's strength in the Magical arts)

Resilience: (Your Guardian’s ability to resist magical attacks)

Bonuses: To those stats, you may add a +2 or +4 to the stat your Guardian’s element gets a bonus in. It’s +2 to each stat of a dual-type, or +4 to a stat for a Guardian with a pure element.

Fire/Water: Bonus in Might
Wind/Gravity: Bonus in Speed
Thunder/Earth: Bonus in Resistance
Mirror/Chronos: Bonus in Spirit
Light/Dark: Bonus in Resilience.

So.. If you Guardian is a Water element, then in the stat section, you would get a +4 Bonus in Might. A Wind/Thunder Guardian would get a +2 bonus in Speed and a +2 In Resistance. So, add it up correctly, and you will have a total stat accumulation of 64

Other: Anything else you may want to add about your Guardian/Guide character. It can be anything - even some background about your characters if you like. A bit of background would be WONDERFUL, but it's not required. But, even just a few specific sentences would be nice if you have a very specific character in mind.

Good luck on the sign up!

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