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Ay yi yi yi yi. Where to begin? You know those days where you have so much to say with so little or just nobody who wants to hear ya? I've had a few like that myself.

I love to write (among many other things). Poetry is my strong point, as my prose tends to run into endlessness and meaninglessness. A lot of my poems are about pain and loss, because when I am angry that is how I can express myself rather than everday words and sentences...Poetry can convey thought and feeling, since you don't really need complete sentences. And what I feel sometimes can't be expressed in normal English.

Oh dear.

What do I love to do besides write?
I love acting, reading, music, soccer, running, and math. (MATH IS POWER!!) I play the piano and the tuba. God help you if you don't know what a piano is...The tuba is the big shiny thing in back that goes OOMPAPA OOMPAPA and we get less credit than we deserve. And what is up with idea you people that it takes a 300 lb. man with a mustache and a nose the size and color of eggplant to play the tuba? (no offense intended)

I am a girl. I am not 300 lbs. (or close) And my nose is not the size and color of an eggplant...I have a very cute nose, if I say so myself. I am not going to tell you anything else...it will ruin the poetry...It doesn't matter what I look like, but what I have to say, or write. (I know that sounds concieted, but I don't want the reader to prejudice my poetry based on my race, religion, etc.) Oh, and no, I don't have a moustache.

I am crazy. Especially when wearing pigtails. (Don't ask cuz I don't know.)My best friend and I love to laugh know, the kind that gives you cramps and makes you cry? Make me laugh. I will love you forever...

I love live theatre. I saw Les Mis by the hs I'm headed to. Best thing in the world. I also love movies...good ones...not crap, but those are a good excuse to laugh.

I love boy scouting. I love guys. Not just in that oooooooh flirty way but they make awesome friends. What sucks is when you fall in love with one of your guy friends and go out with them. That ruins everything. However, I am not obsessed with guys or any one individual guy. (Jordan, this does not apply to you. I'm crazy about you and love you.)

Speaking of obsession and boys:
I know this is really shallow and corny, but a lot of my poems are for my ex. My essay, "Frustration", definitely is, and so is "My Deepest Regrets." Parts of my poems are from how he made me feel and perceive the world around me. Before, during, and after I was with him. Please forgive me, and don't let that marr your idea of my work.

I don't love everything. I don't like idiots. People who ask pointless, stupid, repetitive, questions. I don't like snobby, materialistic, superficil people either. Like all those popular people at school. Haha. I don't like war, hate, anger, and violence.

I do not share the same beliefs with many people, or values, I am not a prep, nor a punk, stoner, popular, or anything. You can't label me by the music I play cuz I listen to everything. You can't label me by my clothes...I have my own style, and if you don't like it, that's your problem. You're not the one who's wearing it. I don't believe in putting people down. I have been told I am worthless and nothing...I have been told I am a failure...I have been lied to and about...I have been gossiped about behind my back. If you do that, heed this: What goes around comes around.

I listen with the intent to understand, while some listen with the intent to reply. Think about it. It'll come to you.

See you in between the lines...


done-bun-can't-be-undone so don't mess in long-time business...

PS...To those who wonder if I'm some kind of depressed pessimistic goth or whatever...these poems and essays are my feelings when I am at my worst. *See first paragraph*
PPS What exactly is the point of these things?
PPPS Check out "Mister Goose" His stuff is good, and hasn't been getting many reviews. His "God" one seems pretty popular...and his stuff can really strike a nerve with his patriotic one and the one about his mom!!! read!!!

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