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As much as I love this site (um, like mad), first-year has been a huge life-changer. Perhaps more than I expected... but in an oddly good way.

I'd like to think that I have a better grip of the world. Translation: my priorities have shifted a bit. I'm looking at life in a completely new light.

Epiphany? Almost, almost. Disillusionment? Maybe just a touch, but I find I can handle it. Maturity? I'd like to think so. Vision? Ooh, most definitely.

I won't stop writing. That'd only happen in Seinfeld's Bizarro World (I'd probably be a balding, 46-year old accountant, living underwater, greeting you with "Bad-bye," but enough with the craziness). My point? I realise that there's no way I can really frequent this site as often as I'd like to do so.

No, I won't abandon this site completely! I will still read some lovely stories here and there. But I shall put my writing aside for now. Return to it, with full-commitment, when I get adequate time, space, and inspiration. Plus, I've got a few new story ideas that I want to tease out before I complete my first fic. Look forward to it deep into 2004 (hee hee).

In the meantime, my focus lies elsewhere. Though writing, admittedly, will always be my first love.

Cheers, all! ^_^

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