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December 21, 2004: Updated this thing with author and fic recommendations. Might as well as let you guys know what particular goodness there is out there in the vast world of Fiction Press.


In Progress

Quirks Among the Orderly (Revising):
It's back! Natti Gregor is a quirky, pink-haired geek with obsessive compulsive tendencies and the highest GPA in Pierton High School. But when the new kid Zachary Leaver not only beats her in an exam (sparking a instant rivalry) but tries to befriend her, things get crazy.

Speak, Ready (Poems):
This is my collection of poetry, updated whenever I write a poem that doesn't fit in Conversationalists or Permutation. Enjoy!

Conversationalists (Poems):
I've been experimenting with dialogue and decided to start this piece. It's basically a series of offbeat, "poeticized" conversations, each chapter presenting a different set of characters, situations, etc. There will probably be about ten in all.

Permutation (Collection of Poetry):
A bunch of poems, each chapter centering on a different letter of the alphabet. Which letter? I shall never tell (it's honestly not all that hard to guess which, though).


A Yellow Umbrella (Short Story):
An odd short story I wrote for English class about odd people in odd situations. Read if you don't mind a little out-of-worldly behavior. Or, read if you do mind. Wherever your heart may lead you.

On Hiatus

Waltz of the Wasps
Ay Caramba
Aphaya and Kaze
Autumn Untitled

Recommendations of the Moment


Cindy Moon (Profile):
Though she writes mostly poetry pieces (all of which are excellent, by the way), Cindy Moon also has afew observational fics. These pieces, Confusations of Driver's Ed and Assorted Stuffs and Observations from the Girl's Locker Room, are witty, hilarious, and easy to relate to (did I mention they're hilarious? They're hilarious).


Gone (by Eraserhead):
The influences of the book Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen are easy to spot, but don't pass this off as just an imitation. This is an insightful, well-written work of fiction (or fanction, whichever way you look at it) that, unfortunately, appears to have been long discontinued. Do read the chapters that are up, though. You won't be disappointed.

Pyro Princess (by Midnight Owl):
This is one of those rare pieces that you stay up all night reading and then review about a million times, urging the author to update. With almost frighteningly real characters you will come to embrace and a hoovering sense of doom, this story will clutch onto your heart with its magnificent claws and won't let go.

Sounds painful, but trust me. It's a good thing.


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