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My name is Heather.
I'm 17.
I'm a senior at a boarding school.
I'm in love with music.
I listen to anything that sounds good.
I play flute, piano, about two notes on clarinet,
and just enough guitar to pick out a tune and write the correct notes on staff paper.
I also sing. A lot.
I'm going to go to college for Music Education/Directing.
I dye my hair funny colors all the time.
I knit. It's fun, so nyeh. :P
I also draw. Feel free to check out my deviantArt account, even if most of what's up sucks.
I also have an account on Fanfiction.net, where I post fanfictions.
Mostly Inuyasha x Yu Yu Hakusho crossovers.
If you wanna e-mail me, give me your address in a review or private message
and I'll respond with a real e-mail when I get a chance.
Same goes for instant messaging.
I use AIM, MSN, and Yahoo!, just so you guys know in advance.
I also have a Myspace and a Facebook,
but I won't add you on it unless we've had a steady correspondence for a while.
And I think that's about it... just contact me if you have any questions about me,
and save your questions on my stories for a review.

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