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Oh my, you have come upon Fant's lil corner in this big big place called fictionpress. Plz feel free to look at my stuff =3 Old and new =D

If you wanna know my age for some reason, just tell me yours. I wanna see how many people my age are writing stories too.

Stuff about me:
~I live in the US
~I 'Love' anime (tho i've recently become un-obsessed)
~I'm going to highschool (this is Dec 2006)
~I suck at English (tho i'm a writer...aha xD) and History but pretty good at math and science weird eh? o_O

Anime Luver of/Read: ... various anime's

Some books/authors i like?
- anything by Anne Bishop
- Remembrance by Jude Devereux
- Nights of Rain and Stars by Maeve Binchy
- Used to like Tamora Pierce, not liking some of her later books
- most fantasy =D

PLEASE READ MY STORIES/poems!!! Don't forget to review so I KNOW that ppl are actually reading it.

Sorry to report that The story with no title has been stopped. Due to a certain SOMEBODY + yea. ok, thanx for all those lovely reviews =D
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