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Ok comrades...

This is the end of an era. Kind of anyway.

Well, i've shut down my pen name and stuff. Anything to do with Glastonbury on Fiction press wont really be in use.


I have made another one.

'Woooooooooo' i hear you cry.

However i've decided to just kind of leave it alone and not tell anyone what it is. I've come to the conclusion that its safer that way. I dont want have to watch what i write in case i offend anyone. It would just get annoying. I let go of any grievenses, unhappy times and what not as soon as the new year began. And it's gona be a good one.

I want my poems to be only of the use of myself and strangers. That way i can write what i please without any complications etc etc etc.

If you do happen to chance upon my new page, then you'll know because i'll put up a little info thing for you. Dont worry i wont leave you without a clue.

I've taken off all my poems from here now, aswell as the ones i saved. So unless i can remember like...50 odd poems then there's no way i can get them back. Sorry about that. Although its not a great loss. I liked them all but they dwelt too much in the past, and living in the past is never a good thing.

Damn you people! I never knew so many people had my email address from here. Im sorry about shutting down, dont hate me for it.
But the emails have to stop!
I'll keep on one poem just so people can see this message, because when i took them all off it completely dissapeared and i dont want to hear any more questions concerning my return. Or lack of it.


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