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The authors of Misadventures have designed a web page (the homepage link above) devoted solely to the fic. There you will find not only the story itself, but tons of other fun stuff like character profiles (even original characters!), fan art and other fics by the same authors. The authors would appreciate any feedback about both the story and the site itself, which you could supply either through email or signing our guestbook.

Current Fics--

1) The Misadventures of Gohan and Videl- Dragonball Z. Slight A/U. On-going. Very epic-like -^_^- Humor/Romance. Gohan's family and friends are dead-set on getting Gohan and Videl together, with or without their consent. Lots o' Vegeta one liners -^_^- We’ve also set up a mailing list in order to inform you, dear reader, when new chapters are going to be posted. All you have to do to subscribe is send an email to Sunyzangel143@, Re: G/V Mailing List. From then on, you’ll be privvy to when new chapters come out, snippets of future chapters (perhaps, if we feel especially giving), other recommended stories, etc. Believe us, it’s worth it.

2) Law and Disorder- Very A/U. On-going. Videl is a fairly new homocide detective for the SCPD when not long after, she is "fortunate" enough to get stuck with the Captain's son as her new partner. Co-starring Bulma and Krillin, the "Prosecuting Pair", District Attorney Vegeta, Captain Son Goku, computer genius and gadget guy Trunks, forensic analyst Sharpner, Mr. Satan the mayor, Goten the lady killer, and Yajirobe and Yamcha as your run of the mill street wise cops. Can Videl and Gohan learn to work together for the sake of Satan city? Can they work together for the sake of their families?

3) Symptoms of Love- 4 or 5 chapters. A *Videl* centered fic. The trials and tribulations of loving a man who is only half human, recieving his eccentric friends and family as an added bonus. What's a girl to do?

Will Keryn update on a regular basis? Will Ilana ever start studying for Physics? Will those people on love connection ever stop putting eachother down?

Probably not.

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