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I miss Fictionpress... I've realized this recently. And I really miss writing. So I'm posting a few assignments from my short fiction class; you'll recognize some of the characters from my longer stories. And if there's a good enough response, and I find the proper inspiration, I might try to write some more short stuff for you, too.

In the meantime, I'm attempting to start a new project. I'd love to finish Proximity of the Legs, but I need to really revamp my plot first, so we'll see where we can go with that. I have ideas for a different story, but I may end up trying again with my ancient story about Blake, Trent, and Kit. (That was a long time ago...I don't know if any of you remember them.) Don't know...again, we'll see. But I really want to write more.

Also, I'm considering reposting My Life As A Walking Cliche, since I haven't been having much luck with the whole publication attempt. So if you have any thoughts on that, let me know. And enjoy the new stuff!

I like this quote. It's been in my profile forever, and it's staying. This is why I cannot write poetry.
"I'll never be a poet. I'm not enough of a sensualist really; there are only a few obvious things that I notice as primarily beautiful: women, spring evenings, music at night, the sea; I don't catch the subtle things like 'silver-snarling trumpets.' I may turn out an intellectual, but I'll never write anything but mediocre poetry."

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