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Lady Dan
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Peace, friends, comrades, fellow travelers! I have returned to this relatively, as-of-yet, unknown little account, cringed at the amount of useless stuff that was on it... and has thusly deleted all of the boldly-written crap that used to here! Let all rejoice!

With that said, I shall attempt to start anew, even should progress move ever so slowly. Also, while this originated as a personal account, a fair amount of the stories were more collaborations than not. Thus, I can't hog all of the glory. Just the mistakes.


Who I Am - Dan
Where I Am - Hochatown
What I am - I am a Dan who likes stuff and is a hermit in training. That is all. Oh, yeah. I'm also a meteorology major, so there's that.
What I do - Some drawing, some scribbling (I am not a writer; it's all an act!), and I also hack out television reviews for a site, The Word Webzine, handily located at: "." Like us on Facebook!

Latest News - November 2011: Good god, I seem to drift off the place and then pop back up again every two years, don't I? Goodness, a lot of this stuff here is embarrassing awful... At some point, I need to weed and revise and so forth... One day... Not to mention all the stuff unfinished... :/ Funny how much "starting anew" I do!


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