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Kali Electra PM
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My name's Kali, and I'm 14 years old...I've been writing since I could hold a pencil, even though I'm not very good. Whatever. Review me anyway--like most people on this amazing site, I love constructive critisism. If you review me, I'll try my best to review you as well.

Yeah, now that I have a crappy word processor in my room, I'll be doing a lot more writing...I've got some stories on the way, so be prepared. That's what I do with most of my time: write. But I also love reading and I like playing soccer, dance, and listening to music.

And I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with duct tape and pencils...I tend to duct tape everything I own, and I always have a pen or pencil with me. Which my friends enjoy stealing and torturing me with.

"You can't wait for the inspiration faerie to come whispering in your ear. You have to find her and attack her yourself."

keep writing,

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