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Hey all. I'm a teenage fanfic addict, centered on: THE X-FILES... ANGEL...and sometimes HARRY POTTER, although not as much as I'd like. I also write various other things...Sometimes SAILOR MOON, sometimes DIGIMON/POKEMON, or ANIMORPHS or ANNE RICE...whatever. I like to write!! (Who Dosn't, right?)

Please visit my web page! It's at . It's called Hardra6's Fanfiction Universe! It has all my stuff there, and other peepscles, too.

Anyway, Please check out all my stories below!! You've done wonders so far just by clicking on my name--I'm so Joyous.

Please, I write all kinds of things. HUMOR and SAD ENDINGS just about sum it all up :-) I am also a CROSSOVER fan, and I X whenever I can, to whatever I can.

PLEASE! Read THE SOUL CHRONICLES! It's Angel/X-files! Everybody loves Angel and the X-files!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my Bio. Grr, Argh!!
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