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Why do I like writing?

hmm well, To answer that question is i like writing because my exgirlfriend hopefully getting back together has inspired me through her work.
(Gina I love you with all of my heart)i know it might sound lame but she is the love of my life. I would love to marry her. She's the key to my heart always has been always will be. I love you.

I am now back with her which I am very thankfull for!!!! These are for you gina I love you

All of my love poems are for her. Please read if you the chance.

Also for my hobbies i like to surf snowboard bike blade soccer football track and swimming. Also singing is something i enjoy.
As a hobby i am a carpenter.
I love acting music basically everything thats cool.
Surfing is one of my passions but dont think i'm an idiot surfer dude.

These poems come straight from the heart. Please dont mock me. Also i am a 14 year old boy thats all you need to now.

Many people think writing is for people that feel sorry for themsleves.
This is totally untrue.
This is just how we express how we feel.
PS. Check out Mother Goose Her Work IS GREAT. You should check it out.

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