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I behave like I'm forty, I would love to be twelve. I am an aspiring English major (or, will be soon); I love AP tests, Steinbeck, adverbs, circumlocution, anything having to do with English and/or literature, French, french musicals, other musicals, trees, Europe, traveling, Starbucks, rain...

I had the world's best teacher for two of my four years at Mountain View High School, Mrs. Dignan, and my goal in life is to be for someone else half the teacher she was for me, because then I would know that I'd done my job better than most.

I grew up all over Europe, and met three of my best friends in Portugal. My other best friends I am related to/met when we moved here a few years ago, my parent's home town. I love foreigners.

Oh yeah. I guess I'll add that I live in the lovely Evergreen State, and I kinda like it here. Though it is boring in Vancouver.

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