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If you like the works of Michael Connelly, George R.R. Martin and Alastair Reynolds, the Rick Berman Era of the Star Trek franchise and the Shin Megami Tensei video game franchise, there is a good chance you will find something to like here.

If a story is multilingual, the likelihood is it is set in the Filipino-Chinese Community of the Philippines. What has to be understood is the Filipino-Chinese are multilingual, so I do my best to replicate the unique speech pattern in prose. Not always successfully, I confess.

If a story is multilingual, I do my best to ensure relevant Mandarin and Tagalog passages are understandable to those unfamiliar with the languages in the narration. Initially, the plan is to make every Mandarin and Tagalog passage understandable to those unfamiliar with the languages in the narration, but unfortunately, doing so tends to break the flow of a scene.

If the Mandarin dialogue in the multilingual stories felt like they underwent Google Translate, the likelihood is they did. What has to be understood is I speak Fukien natively, but not Mandarin. So, occasionally, Google Translate is used. Even so, the dialogue are rarely copied as they are. If the translation feels iffy to me, I consult in-house experts to ensure the dialogue are correct. Now, if you're wondering why I bother to go through all the trouble to include Mandarin dialogue, the reason is I consider it to be a learning exercise.

If you think my publications are not mobile-friendly enough, the reason is I format my chapters for PC users on Fiction Press while I format my chapters for mobile phone users on Wattpad. You may find my works under the username, Startsat0, and the same author name.

If you like what I have written, I do my best to update once a week. I say I do my best because I deliberately write every chapter with a beginning, a middle and an end even if they end in cliffhangers. Writing this way is, to be perfectly honest, very tasking, so there is always a chance I will miss a deadline or two.

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