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Hello there. It's me, Moira.

I'm still writing stories.

I'm still updating my unfinished stories such as On the Way to Ever After, My Strawberry Dream Wedding, and the other stories under the In Every Sense a Kiss series, albeit at a glacial pace.

I've also completed a few stories--A Goddess Wears Orange, The Little Drummer Girl, Catalina's Bells, and The View from Santa Rita Street.

I still adore romance and humor and drama, and I'm still in love with the heroes--and heroines!--I create.

I'm eternally grateful to have met good friends on FictionPress. A spiritual sister, even, to whom I dedicate my stories. Thank you forever, chocme, Shweta, Samin Yead and everyone.

I'm also eternally grateful to all the readers who have stuck around and continued to read my stories. Especially to the ones who let me know by leaving reviews. Thank you. You are my inspiration. Seriously.

Yes, real life often gets in the way of my writing. Yes, there are months and months when I can't summon up even a drop of creative juices. Yes, there are endless moments when I get terribly discouraged and succumb to thinking that I'm writing for an audience that doesn't exist.

But I'm not. I'm writing for the precious people--no matter how few or how many, even if it's just one person--who still read my stories and find a little bit of joy in them. This is what I'm here for.

So yes, I'm still here. And I'm still writing. And I'll never, ever stop.

All my stories, and more, can be read on my WordPress blog, Sunflowers for Moira (http : // sunflowersformoira. wordpress. com ).

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