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Hi everybody. i'm Kristina Toffland and I am now twenty six years old, wow does the time go fast!!! who stillloooves to write young adult fiction!!! First off, I know that I've not updated in three years and no one feels more terrible about that than I. Now that I'm taking a hiatus form work, my number one goal right now is to finish what I've started, which means that things are going to start getting UPDATED!!! (Everyone yell "Hey!!!)

I stillalso write for fanfiction.net as " Total Vaughn Lover."I lovewriting for Alias, did a while on ER, but right now,I've also got a whole new part two for a movie "Never been Kissed" thatI'm working on called "Never Been Pregnant" which probably is my most read fic!!! I currently do have fics up there for Alias, Las Vegas and Never Been Kissed so please go and check it out!

I really love feed back so please give me a chance. thanks to those whoalready have and for your continued patience in my lack of updates!

I also have added a new job to my list of responsibilities, I am actually a self-published author. Yeah, I know, it's hard for me to believe but I thought it was about time that I try my hand at that too. The novel is called Veltra and it's the first saga of a supernatural series that i actually started writing 10 years ago. Please check me out on Kindle, Smashwords, and also at my website . Thanks. Love all of you at fanfiction.net and .

So going to give you a low down on what I write...okay, here goes

Living with Trey Duvall: This is a novel about a movie star who falls in love with his fan, and a fan who falls in love with Trey who happens to be a movie star. Just read it, it's a little, "fluffy," but it's supposed to be cute. And i guarantee everyone will fall in love with Trey since it's written with the inspiration of the sexiest Josh in the world, JOSH DUHAMEL!!!! Oh yeah, it's dedicated to him too. So please enjoy!

And then I also have the new Christian-based fiction "Dear David Weston..." which is about a young woman chosen by Jesus to bring her favorite movie star to the Faith moments before the prophecised "Rapture" is to take place. Highly religous content, but it is also quite an adventure so make sure to check it out!!!

Oh andI do write without feedback but I update faster if I know that people are reading so please read and review, just no flames, okay?I have feelings too. lol Constructive Criticism is always appreciated.

WellI guess that's about it! I guarantee this, if you review and you've written something, I will definitely return the favor. So let's all have some fun! Read my stuff and I'll read yours! that's what we all want anyway, right?

Lataz, pen name Kristina Toffland, and published on Kindle, Smashwords and Lulu as Jennifer M. Englehardt

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