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Dark-BlueDeep PM
Joined May '03
"It's a perfect day to throw back your head.
And kiss it all goodbye."
The cure - doing the unstuck

Why the name change? I guess I got tired of being named after my flea-ridden feline pain in the rear. (Sorry flameboy, I mean I love you but...)
And I had a dream about this username and decided i liked it, as pathetic as that is.

Anyway, I'm not around as much as i used to be these days, but i guess i'll start writing again soon, right now i'm having too much fun!

Utterly mad, completely changeable. A bit 'all or nothing' A bit 'I'll take what I can get'..I talk too much, and I'm prone to bouts of big-headedness! :-)

And if you feel like a bit of a laugh, go and check out my epic saga currently unfolding over at fanfiction
(When I ever get my butt over there to finish it off that is...) Don't hold your breath waiting for me, I don't want anyone to die!

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