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Female, born and raised in California. I've always loved writing since I was a child and I joined this site when I was fourteen. Then I came back years later and I deleted a bunch of my original and very cringeworthy stories, haha. I still often waffle over deleting some of my older stories too...

Here are summaries for each of my stories, newest to oldest:

Come Back to Me: Fix him? Or let him go and see if he comes back to you?

Say It Right: It all comes down to picking between the man you can't resist or the man who was there all along.

When Finally Set Free: This story is for everyone who has struggled with dating during college. Frat boys don't help make the dating scene easier.

Out of My Hands: Life is about choices... sometimes we make good choices and sometimes we make bad ones. Throw in a bridezilla sister when your personal life is already in turmoil and you're bound to get an angsty tale. (This story is semi-autobiographical... and I may have poured a little too much of my personal bitterness into it, which might make it a bitter pill to swallow. You've been warned.)

I wrote a trilogy, which unfortunately doesn't have a cute nickname. If you read these stories, you should probably read them in chronological order. I didn't intend to write a trilogy, so many of the character descriptions are in Stand By Me. Also, these stories are ten-ish years old and definitely need a good edit.

Story 1 - Stand By Me (formerly The Shadow): A story of best friends needing each other... and maybe a hot twin brother too.

Story 2 - Nice Guys Always Finish: I loved the character of Erik so much that I wrote my own story for him. A lot of my readers reacted badly to the Erik's love interest and I reacted badly to criticism of her (I can admit it now). I would probably re-write her all together, to be honest.

Story 3 - The Search For Something More: Izzy is the wild child I wish I was.

The only old story that I still mostly enjoy is Ryan because I channeled my very real grief over losing a close family friend into that story. I sometimes consider re-writing it (no plot changes, just... better writing, ha).

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