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I'm a High School junior with an obsession for dragons and Japanese (anime and the language). I write nice, happily morbid poems (Occasionally with a morbid subject hidden below happy words or even a happy subject, such as in "Call for Hate's Bane" where the subject is love) and science fiction/fantasy. Attempt to write 'short' stories, but they usually end up.. longer than intended. I've a tendency for sesquipedalian writing. I usually write poetry in free verse, but sometimes I'll use rhyming schemes and--even less often--spend ecessive time editing the poem to have alliteration or meter. My poems tend to be raw, unabashed emotion... the angry poems scare me when I'm in a cheery mood.

Please review with suggestions or just general comments; merely saying that you really like or don't like the work isn't very constructive, if you don't like it please tell me why so that I can improve what I do. Flat out praise is very good for my ego, but I know my poems aren't perfect, so even little suggestions (such as if there's a typo) are helpful. Even if it seems insignificant, tell me so I can watch for it. Or, you can not take the time to really think about the review and just tell me your opinion on it. :P But Constructive reviews are much more useful, which is really the point of this little rant.

I personally think that my three best poems are "Angels Burn and Demons Sing", "Numb to Pain", and "Call for Hate's Bane", so if you like one of my other poems I personally think that those three are better, and "Call for Hate's Bane" is the most edited of the three (it actually has things like alliteration that I put in on purpose O_O! lol.).

IM me!!! Just tell me that you're IMing me from Fictionpress or I might go all Angels-Burn-and-Demons-Sing on you :P *paranoid* .;; yeah. prolly just completely deterred you from IMing me.

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