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this profile is over 15 years old. omg...keeping it for posterity.*

Age: almost legal baby!

Gender: Female, as if ya'll ain't kno

Name: Mahagony. Just Mahagony.

Likes: Chocolate, God, Africa, chocolate, basketball, soccer, chocolate, cartoons, other sports, music, chocolate, shopping, chocolate, food, reading, chocolate, writing, , dancing, chocolate, music, my family, and chocolate!

Dislikes: haters, stuck-up people, fake people, mean people, posers,losing or leaving family and friends, close-minded people. Oh yea, and 50-cent and the WHOLE G-UNIT crew!!! idc wat ppl think about me sayin that, i'm standin firm...

Fav movie: GREASE!! (you kno it's the best movie ever) and close behind that, anything that's a musical or made before 196something.(i luv old movies...an if it's an old musical movie, that's better!)

Fav. Genre of Music: R&B!!! but i also listen to everything, from Fred Hammond to Nsync, ICP to Jaheim, from Boys II Men to Common, from Linkin Park to Daft Punk, from 1TYM to...well, u get the point.

I also like watching DEF Poetry Jams. It comes BET on either Fri or Sat, night..i 4 get.heh heh.sure there's cursing but if u over-look that, the ppl are really gifted with poetry most of the time...

Well anyway, i like to talk with new ppl on AIM...as long as ur not a obsessed stalker or nething...

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