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I have decided that I am DETERMINED to get back into writing. Tragically, I feel like my ideas for my old stories have long-since gone stale, but from here-on-out, I am set and committing myself to writing more.

SO, First order of business: consolidate all of my old fics so the clutter's gone and I can start fresh.
The Plan- smoosh all of my old stuff into one happy lump (like I already did with all the poems) so my new stuff can breathe and people who come (if they come) don't end up thinking I have a tragic case of schizophrenia. Projects on hiatus will go into a new fic cleverly titled "HIATUS" and just-plain-old stuff will enter "OLD STUFF". I'm just so clever, aren't I?

My writing style has... changed, from the last time I posted here. In a few ways I think it's better, but in other ways I feel like a lot of my creativity has been beaten out of me by a sudden overdose of RL. So, criticism and suggestions are twice as welcome as before, and if anybody's interested in doing a collab, I'd be ecstatic to get moving on something!!

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