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February 6th, 2014:

After a long, long hiatus (including from writing) due to illness and just life in general, I'm finally getting back to finishing my two long-time projects: D.S. and TotG.

D.S. (Dangerous Skies) likely won't be reposted here, as it's the most precious of the two to me and I'm always very concerned about idea-theft (especially since a snail can beat me to finishing writing a book these days). But TotG (Time of the Gates) is going to be reposted on here. Depending on how things go, the full first draft will be put up here, then removed shortly after I've finished. I'm also publishing the first draft on Wattpad as I go, under the same user name as here.

My goal is to have it finished by no later than Fall 2014, but I expect the first draft to be a monster, as I prefer to write too much than too little for a first draft. It's easier to cut unnecessary bits than to add in, for me.

I've been adventuring plenty the last year and a bit! Did a backpacking trip through Southern Thailand in 2013, and will be taking off to do Northern Thailand, LAos, Cambodia and Indonesia come May 17th 2014. It's helped a lot with getting a better grasp of writing TotG, and if any of my previous readers are still active and decide to read my current "first" draft - I'm sure you will notice the drastic improvements from...gosh...6 years ago.

I will R&R upon request - all I ask is that you match my reviews to my own work as well.

Thank you! =)


-Rachel Morgan/AwolfcalledSkya.

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