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Transmission begins

If you want to know more about me, you can't. Every thing about me is classified to the point that if get's out I'll have to kill someone. I'm an agent for the U.S.V.I.F.W.B, United States Virgin Islands Fiction Writer's Bureau, stationed on the rock island called St. Thomas. I'm an expert in manipulating words for your enjoyment, but I can't tell you no more for I have already said to partners, sweet silver angel and wind whispers, our code names, are experts in the art of writing as well, but who cares. The point of this matter is we write, you enjoy.

Age: *gun points between eyes*Back off

Skin Color: *holds up rocket launcher* Don't dare

Hair Color: *holds up three daggers* Your life is shortening

Occupation: Agent B

Agents: Sweet silver angel(Agent A), windwhispers(Agent C)

Quote: "A broken heart is like a broken glass, it's better to leave it broken than hurting yourself trying to fix it"

But who cares, love is for the weak, not certified for agents.

This profile will self-destruct in three seconds *Mwahahahahah*




Transmission End


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