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To Psychic Moon: I cannot seem to message you from your profile. I would've liked to correspond with you more inneractively about you writting. If your interested in the improvement I could offer, please e-mail me, or IM me on AIM (CorruptGuard).

...no one reads this thing...I feel stupid writing anything here...ah...just check out the Zylx stories. They're pretty death-filled if you like that sort of thing...alot of people cry, if you're into that...and, I've got some cute characters if you don't care about crying dead people...so, yeah...

It should be noted, as well, that the Zylx stories are connected only loosely. You could read one and not the other with out trouble. They focus on different characters.

Between Man and Malice is the story of a man from present times, Pike Desoto, who accedently steped into Zylx. This story is finished. I have rewritten the first two chapters, and gone over the rest. It's now good. Yay for me! And, yay for Pike. What a trooper, huh?

Pike:...- -;...Do you know how much I hate you?

No, but I'm guessing it's a lot. -

Dirge for a Necromancer is the story of a pyromantic necromancer from the fourteenth century by the name of Raettonus who went to Zylx to try and end the Black Death and ended up loosing his soul. He's hot as hell, y'know.

Raettonus: Ew, pun...

But you are hot! You are!...damn it...

A Straight Jacket and a Dagger is the story of Driahda, a Zylxian mage and dear friend of the Prince of Zylx who travels with Prince Arkurius on what he believes to be a diplomatic mission to a hostile kingdom. How terribly mistaken he is--they all are--he does not realize due to his cloudy mind...

Finally, Between Gods and Guardians is the lore and history of Zylx...

If Zylx interests you, you ought to visit http:// . It's interesting as hell, y'know? And you can see all sorts of fanciful drawings. Very fanciful. You'll like it. Go. Go now. Sh! Don't speak...dramatically...just...go! Oh! And, uh, sign the guest book if you do./websiteplug

Oh, and if you happen to be quite bored, why not visit http://? It's a rp forum owned by a good friend of mine. You could also visit my own forum, http://, if'n you have questions about my work or something like that.

My work... The order in which I list the stories above is the order in which I wrote them. As I stated before, there is no need to read them in that order, but I will tell you that Between Man and Malice explains a lot more things about Zylx as a world than the others. I will also tell you that Dirge for a Necromancer is... Weird. Like, really weird. With rape and sex slaves reoccuring. And a lot of hugging corpses. But no Necrophilia. It's not that weird. But it's still pretty weird. I do not suggest reading that one if you don't think you could handle too much weirdness. I also don't suggest reading it if you're one of those people who label everything as 'good' and 'evil'. It's a story about existing in the grey. If you're one of those people, read Between Man and Malice instead. It's good for you. Gives you strong bones.

...did I mention http://? It's good for digestion and the learning of Zylx. Yes? Yes.

NEW! I now have a comic version of Dirge for a Necromancer going at . Visit it, if you please, at http:///Dirge_for_a_Necromancer. It's really good-- done all on computer with beautiful colors, mirroring the story.

Also, please, anyone with an interesting in become staff for my community--anyone who would actually add stories--please contact me.

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