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KC Queen of Geektitude PM
Joined May '03

'Ello. I am KC. Queen of Geektitude. My kingdom is vast and all powerful. You may very well unknowingly be a citizen of it. That's how powerful it is.

Actually, to tell the truth, I'm not really quenn. I'm more a lady of the court or something. They gave me the title queen for fear of persecution or assassination of the real queen.

Can't imagine why.

A bit about me:

Initials: KC

Age: 17

Height: Approx 5' 1"

Weight: Ahem.

What I Write:

Poetry: General/Life/

Fiction: Humor/General/

I'm not that good at the other genres. And I will not even attempt some of them.

What I Read:

Humor. Drama. General. Romance(occassionally). But Humor's the big one. I love a good laugh.


On the rare occassion where I review something, Alexia might show up. Alexia is my "shadow". She's what I'm not as far as behavior and attitude. Where I say "Vw00t! Go you author person! You rock! ^^" She'll say "Damn, I fell asleep. What I miss?" Or I'll go "Gawd, this sux." She'll go "Damn straight." 'Cuz she's mean 22/7. I'm still tryin' to figure out those 2 hours when she's not mean.

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