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"Love is an exaggeration of the heart"- TruthSpeaker

Wow, I have to say not much has changed over the years, well of course I have but it seems life now a days hasn't mattered that much to me. But that's changing now and I figured if you retrace and find the good things of your past, maybe that's the first step in defining the purpose of your future. I started with writing, it was a tool to keep me sane that I quickly abandoned for frivolous things. Kind of like a lot of the things I used to love to do, but never mind the melancholy tone of this message, I'm back hopefully for awhile God willing and now it seems I have to start fresh so with that being said...

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Aliena & David-This is the first story I ever completed, about seven years ago, I was thirteen I believe. It was the summer after eighth grade, so quite naturally I wrote about love. To be specific, its about a pair who are indeed too opposite so naturally they attract. This story still gets reviews which I'm thankful for because it has errors of all types but the general message gets across which is good.

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