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Basic Author Info: Well...since the first time I wrote this I was in my early twenties and now I'm in my late twenties, I thought I'd give it another go. So: I am an African-American woman who is trying to get more stories out with people of color (mostly with African-American women in the starring role. Although, strangely, all my characters are always darker than me...). I enjoy screwball comedies, horror stories, urban fantasy, fairy-tale retelling, mysteries, and romance - and now I'm writing more of those, but here you will find my romance stories. I try to stay humorous, but I once wanted to be a psychologists which tends to mean: 1) there is always one character in my stories that is a psychologist/studying to be one and 2) I like to delve into how major events in our pasts help to shape us. I love writing romance because it feels so much more open to exploring that, as well as the fact that I think we are both our best and worst selves when we are in the process of falling in love.

The Two Accounts: I am both Secretive and Analytical Calico on this website. Yeah, I forget which account came first, I think it was this one, but I've had two since the very beginning. Right now I only have one story up under Analytical Calico and it's My Undetected Canoodling. Here's the summary for it: The seemingly unrequited crush on your best friend, the perfect romantic cliche, and you know those always work out. However, when an evil older brother, mind games, and dirty little secrets are thrown into the mix, maybe this cliche isn't that perfect... Yeah, it's been my little secret baby, I suppose. I guess this kind of proves that I am a bit secretive; I wanted to see the kind of reception that Jane and Roth would get without my known persona being attached to it. Interestingly enough, a lot of the people that read me under this name found me under that one as well. It was pretty cool.

Want to keep in touch? I am now on Instagram under @quirkywhit (there are no pictures up...okay, truth be told I joined more in a moment of older sister protectiveness than anything else...) and I am working on a new website...okay, I'm working on content for a new website. I'm trying, but sadly I haven't been bitten with the social media bug that seems to have gotten everyone else. I'm not sure how I can be both an introvert in real life as well as online (I thought we blossomed when we no longer were in face-to-face social settings), but there you go. I will hopefully soon(ish) have something to say about In Which I Ramble (which is always the name of my blogs).

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