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Transmission Beginning


I have no idea where to start. When I first started on this site I was only 17 and now I'm 25. I took a long break and now I'm back. I'm not trying to make a big comeback. I really love writing and here is the best place to express yourself. A lot has changed with me but we learn as life goes on. Here is a little of my new updated Bio.

Name: Aisha Callwood

Nicknames: Ayieshie or Aie

Age: 25

Birthdate: Still Classified

Location: On a rock island in the USVI. (United States Virgin Islands, St. Thomas to be exact) (It's currently where I'm stationed)

Agents: innocent-curiousity & wind whispers (are also located on site)

Race: African American

Skin color: Carmel... light brown.

Hair color: Red and Natural. I got rid of the creamy crack.

Eye color: Light brown

Personality: Tomboy at heart, nice, funny, annoying, over enthusiastically perky, sweet

Hobbies: Photography. Reading. Writing. Playing Video Games. Playing the Piano.

Deepest Fear: small things (ex: roaches and spiders)

News Flash: I have a son. He's five and a handful but I am still finding time to write.

Quote: Live, Laugh, Learn

Note: Enjoy life to the fullest.

This Profile will self-destruct in 5 seconds after reading. Farewell fellow agents.






Well... What are you waiting for agents. Go on and read the story. Don't forget to R & R.

Agent A signing out.

Transmition complete.

BOOM ! ! !

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