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Well well... I get my own page. Never expected that one. Figured I'd just throw the story out there and hope for the best. I guess that turned out for the better. Now you, my dear, dear reader, can get to know me!

Umm... I'm the type of person who's probably very interesting but suffers from a chronic lack of ideas when asked to write about himself. I like to pretend I'm smart. (I'm not, not really). I like music, mostly jazz and classical, but I'll listen to something else if it sounds good. The music I like most is the music I can play (and I daresay I play it well), and that's jazz and classical. I'm still in high school (don't worry, I won't hurl D00d sp34k at you too much). That's probably a bad thing, but summer's here and all's well that ends well, right?

To be honest, the real reason I decided to join FictionPress.com is so I could post signed reviews of my sister's (Raine0211 is her pen name) stories. Then I remembered that I once had a small spark of creative talent within me, many years ago. That creativeness produce my only work of creative writing that I feel worthy posting (though now that I think about it, there's some poetry that I'll post if I ever find it). 5 minutes after I wrote that last sentence I found a poem.

The story that's up right now (The Watcher) actually has a tiny bit of history to it. I wrote it about 3 years ago for a competition of some sort, trying to get into an annual magazine that posted short stories from people like myself. I had to write it for an english assignment and perfected it for that competition. We had the oppurtunity of drawing the first line from another writer. I didn't, but I think the line that I was going to use was "She weighed the glass in her hand, considering whether or not she wanted to shatter it against the wall". That line wasn't exactly what I heard (it was better written and it had a better feel to it. It was written by a woman whose name I don't remember (which is okay, because I'm not technically presenting her work to you here), and was the only first line whose author did not follow it with a story. And even though it wasn't featured in the story itself, it was my inspiration in the truest sense of the word. From that line my idea quickly took form. Other people decided for me to switch the viewpoint from the woman to a man watching her, which I think gave the story its best element.

I also had a really hard time titling it, but 3 years later I think the title works. About 30 minutes ago (on June 4) I decided to make this page and now The Watcher has an eternal resting place. I edited that thing to death way back when, and now that it's uploaded I can't touch it. I think. But anyways, back to the fact that I wrote it for a competition. That's really the story of my writing. It was a class assignment that was turned into a submission. I produce very little writing unless prompted. I've been told my writing is good by people I don't believe, but it's too time-consuming and I generally dislike the process.

The story you'll hopefully read is a major exception. I enjoyed writing it because I felt that the ideas behind it were solid. The poem is also. That one just kinda flowed out, took me about a half hour. I handed it in and got an A for that little work. I've handed in stuff I worked untold hours on and gotten a B. Whatever. If people like these, I might be prompted to write more. I think I might do more of my own writing now that school's over. Be warned, I'm helping my sister write her novel. That will take up most of my creative energy. I guess we'll just have to see what happens.

This next section is about my writing, anything and everything I have to say. Comments, replies to reviews, and anything else I feel I need to tell you guys about it.

The Watcher: Thank you to everybody who gave me such positive reviews. I put alot of work into it, and I'm glad to know that it's entertaining people. That's always the reason for fiction, along with whatever other reasons for writing it. (Off topic note- that's why I believe that The Scarlet Lettter is more philosophy than fiction. Very few people find it a good read, no matter how good the writing or how brilliant the themes.) However, the key word is put. Past tense. I wrote it a while ago, and for me it's a finished work. There are various reasons which I had listed here but decided to cut in a feeble attempt to shrink the size of this little intro. So, I'm probably never updating that particular story.

Row by Row: My reviews are honest. To me, there really isn't much more I could want out of one. Thank you for that. I'm very glad to know that the poem is not too figurative, that was one of my problems. Though I still don't know if anyone is thinking the same literal meaning I was when I wrote it. Oh, and to my dear sister, I won't change the parts of my introduction that you might disagree with. I guess I'm annoying you by trying to flatter you. Oh well.


Iterations: "I planned this sentence out beforehand."

A short excerpt from my (long time coming) new story. I should have it done soon if I work at it. If I don't, I won't. So I can't really say when it's coming. For those of you interested, I assure you it won't be too long, (as in, within the month or something). I'm really interested to see what people think of it, because it's definitely different from anything else I've ever written.

There's another one coming up soon, (assuming I ever update again). We'll see what happens. If anything does, it'll be both long and probably multi-chapter, which would be a nice new direction for me.

A few last details:

Thanks once again to everyone who reviewed. I really appreciate it!

I don't get on AIM much. Nor do I check my e-mail with great frequency, as I have an unholy amount of junk mail. I'm slowly remedying both aspects of that particular problem. As of June 15 your best bet to give me criticism is through reviews. Also, be warned that I'm generally not very communicative in AIM (or phone) situations. I just talk better face to face.

Check out my sister's homepage, she's Raine0211. She's got some quality stuff. She better. Plus, she's a lot smarter than I am.

Anyways, welcome to my humble abode and thanks for putting up with my not so little rant. If you can survive that you'll be fine with anything else I can throw at you. Have fun!

A few last things: I don't get on AIM much, but my name is hasonbub64. The e-mail I'm using (though I rarely check it) is the aol adress with that same name. If you want to contact me, chances are you won't be able to. Sorry. Oh, and read my sister's page. She's Raine0211 (I think).

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