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Hey everyone, winter is here. And it feels like summer just left. Ah well what can ya do. I love to write, but I am very critical of my own work and I am not good at judging my own stuff...so that is where you come in! Review mine and I will review yours. I am in the process of starting another story right now...not sure when it will be up. If you ever get ideas for stories please e-mail me because sometimes you just need the inspiration. XOXOX


The Witch Of Sweetbrire: A Comedy/Romance/Fantasy story of a mission to save a kidnapped princess. The story centers around Takatia, an independent and savvy young woman, who is sent to rescue the princess of her land. She is joined by Prince Calamity, a very handsome yet sometimes hazardous prince who always has good intentions though. On the way they meet more interesting people and have a hell of a time in completeing their task.

Love At First Sight: A Romance/Comedy type. Lara is the top young lawyer in an important New York City law firm. John is the hot-shot new guy who falls for Lara the moment he lays eyes on her. And even though Lara is definitly not easy to get-he will go to any lengths and measures and does some crazy things all for a bit of her attention.

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