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Name: Ashurrii
Age: 20
Location: The Real World
Occupation: Part time writer, full time student journalist and dreamer making pizzas on the side

Words are my alias, my cloak that I hide behind, as we all do in the world of writers. The pen is my catalyst and I use it to jot those triggers that evoke the emotion and stir the thoughts. At least, I like to think that way, but sometimes, what I write is just as fluffy as the cotton candy I eat. But it’s nice to have something fluffy to chew on now and then, yeah?

I consider myself a writer, but then, I consider anyone who puts thought into the words they write the such. Spilling your guts, your soul, your thoughts and ideas onto the blank canvas is a great feat and anyone who’s willing to put time, effort, and solid attempt is a writer. That’s our job – to get our words out there and let them be known, whether you’re writing newspaper, other non-fiction, poetry, short stories, or novels. We’re here to change the world, one thought at a time, even if it’s just to get someone to think about a concept.

Right now, I’m working on a collection of stories that dissect and explore love. Because love has always been an uneasy concept for me, this is a challenge that I’m working hard at. I want to write of love from every angle – from the boy and girl who are meant to be, from the unrequited lovers, from the best friends who grew to something more, to the best friends who only half bloomed. I want to write about the girl who thought she could escape it and the two who didn’t think they could make it. I want to write about the inevitable love and the first time its felt and to cover what happens when you fall out of love.

I write other things, too, but right now, my main focus lies with that bountiful state of being and the emotions that come with. I also have poetry and have a few older “novels” I wanted to write but never became anymore more. Feel free to comment, I encourage it, because it lets me know what readers think. Also, reviewing is nice – not just a comment, but an actual review.

If you would like to join a community where members post fiction and review, have a look at http:///inkyorgans/


Night Guardians Who was to know the repercussions of such actions, or the demons who would haunt. Who was to know the pain and the suffering and the glassy eyes? If only it could be a dream. If only she could take it back, instead of take their lives. Suicide In progress

Into the Night She was gone. I don't know where she had gone, but she was gone, and distress filled the house. There was no way to end the tears and the sad noises. All I really wanted was to have her back. Gone. Disappeared. Never returning. One shot/Complete

The Search When one has lost Herself, where does she begin to search? It is very easy to get lost and even harder to guide oneself back to the right path. One shot/Complete

Forever We Will Be, You and Me It's a terrible thing to know what you want and not be able to have it. One shot/Complete

Skeptics and True Believers They are polar opposites held together by bonds and years and crazy monkey glue. And here they sit, years from the start, as if they're back at the beginning. Confused and dazed and lost amongst each other, one is jaded the other ditzy. Oh, the years. One shot/Complete

There Was Snow It was the kind of magical snow that I always imagined but only saw on television. It gave false hope to a magical night, especially because you were there. It couldn't be magic; you still made me ache with hollow nostalgia and reminded me how I needed you. One shot/Complete

It Began With We Need to Talk Nothing good ever follows those ominous words, “we need to talk”, which made them such valuable assets to this very important conversation. And even though he knew this well, he found himself riveted to that spot, compelled to hear out her every last, intimidating word. One shot/Complete

It Was Always My Hand You Wanted to Hold He was never supposed to fall for her. They were an accident. She was just a silly girl who didn't believe in love where he was the boy who ran every time it got too deep. Yet, they were always on each other's minds. And when time moves on, they find themselves falling further from each other, until they’re left gasping and grasping for one and other. One shot/Complete

Let’s Play This Game She didn’t want commitment and he would take her in whatever form he could. But time progressed and she didn’t and he realized he’d be pulled away. She’s not ready to realize it, though. One shot/Complete

Haunting You Naomi never told best friend Xander that she loved him and regrets the accident that took him away. Xander is bound to the earth by her tears and inability to let go. Now, Naomi is starting over in college, trying to figure out how to get past what happened without forgetting him. The anguish of love lost and the haunting of Xander makes a tale of love more anguished than Romeo and Juliet.

The In-Between The death of Ari's mother leaves her moving in with childhood best friend Johnny for the summer. It's during this time that she realizes everything that's been hidden from her; the truth about her family's past, about her best friend's family, about the boy she finds herself obsessively in love with, and the truth about herself.

The Lighthouse A gang of eclectic kids who wouldn't normally fit together meet at a lighthouse and form a tentative friendship, free of responsibility. Without realizing though, they grow closer, blissfully ignornat of said fact. Until Kip and Kain arrive and change the way they deal with issues. Words unspoken are finally breathed alive and suddenly the whole chemistry is shifting and changing.

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