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) The Soul Keeper has been added (finally) and it so far has the better description and the first chapter up! Please read and review it.

) I am plotting to work on a new story. :) I might move some fics/poems over here from my master account (kykura)

My name is Sion..blah blah blah...I have black hair and blueish/green eyes...blah blah blah..I'm five footthree inches..blah blah..oh yeah..I'm a girl..tehe

I love ghosts and spirits and all that jazz...thats why my fics have to do with them..tehe..I love anime, its like my life..thehe...
I love my boyfriend...blah blah...

Note: My pen name (Rei Tanto) means Ghost Dagger. I like daggers, and ghosts, so it all works out..

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