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I'm known to most online people as Ash. I'm closing in on my final year in a college in Maryland. I'm fairly antisocial but normal in most respects.

I've been writing original stories and poetry since gradeschool, and habit has turned into hobby and secret ambition. I've only had some poems published thus far, but not any prose. Yet. I'm working actively on changing that. After a two-year hiatus, I'm back with a bit of inspiration, a few pet projects, and some delusions of grandeur.

I have a DeviantArt account where you can find snippets from my stories, my poems, and art that generally has to do with what I'm writing here. You can also check my Fanfiction.net account for a few fanfics, mostly Harry Potter-related.

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My main project at the moment is the universe of Pirates vs. Ninjas, which is currently also an open-source video game project that will consist of three games based on my stories. Or, perhaps I write the stories based on the games. Judging from the progess of the game itself (we're not sure whether it will be 2D or 3D yet, even), the former still seems the more likely.

The main storyline is told first in Avatar, which will be the first game. Other stories in this universe also include The Praetor of Ioq, which takes place about a hundred years before Amaya's time, and a few more that I will post here when the time is right. When I have more of them posted, I'll make a list of their order here so you can read the way I want you to.. ;) Some stories contain spoilers for some other stories, and they all relate back to each other, so read out of order at your own risk.

I also plan on making the (mis)adventures of Team Janken into a comic, which I'll link to when that actually happens. I'll also post the story that's based on here when I've written it.

( t h e . s t o r i e s )

More recently, things submitted here are never really dated when they're actually written. I tend to go through my writings and make a poetry-dump once in a while, and I might rescue an old story or two, but it's far from certain. I have a problem with completion and writing stories in a linear manner.. I tend to write scenes I like (such as the turning point, or the ending, or a fight or fluff scene) before the real meat of the story, so that makes my update schedule rather weird.

I simply adore comments and constructive criticism. If you read, please review! I'm tough. I can take it. ;) Or, if there's something you'd like to see me write, let me know! At the moment I'm feeling quite deserted by my muse and would gladly take some creative kicks in the head to get me writing again.

Finally, I am thoroughly hopeless at writing summaries. If for any story you can think of something better than the half-hearted ramblings I already have, please tell me!

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