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Lately I have settled into worrying more with beta-reading for others. I really love editing things, and I find it as much fun as writing, if not more fun at times since it's a lot less frustrating. With that said, I have been focusing more on beta-reading and this has taken my time away from writing. As such, you can expect it'll be a while before I post anything new. However, if you want a beta, I'm probably up for it!

On to specifics about the stories I have written:

You Can't Forget the Past is the first story that I ever completed. I recently re-read it, and it was so unrealistic and horrible that I took it down. That and the revised version I had come up with got lost when my hard drive crashed, and that crushed my spirit to rewrite it.

Japan Changed This Man: DEAD STORY. My co-author disappeared, and I'm not sure I could write the other voices anymore. This was written when I was in high school, and honestly, the only reason it's still up is because I have to have some sort of written work in order to get into the beta reading system on this site. I've finally changed the description to reflect as such and removed the extraneous chapters.


I have 5.5 halfway written stories. I refuse to post them until I have completed them though ( look at JCTM if you don't understand why). None of them are fully fleshed out stories right now because, honestly, I've not completed a story since like 2004. I've included a bit of a summary for the ones I'm likely to finish based on what I know is going to happen at the moment (I say this because some of them are not necessarily planned out in their entirety). I've also learned recently that the biggest reason I don't finish stories is because once I figure out what is going to happen, I no longer want to write them. So I like to keep it kind of spontaneous and yet kind of structured at the same time in the hopes that I do finish one again some day.

Anna: Unknowingly born Princess Annalyn Altarius, abducted at the age of 8 months, sold on the slave market, and trying to find her place in the world in a very unconventional household, will Allianna succumb to the whims of others or succeed in making a life for herself? And what's with Cicario and his attitude problems? Will her parents find her before her uncle ascends to the throne or will Anna continue to wonder where she came from when all she can remember is that a woman named Jaelen cared for her? This is my first attempt at a non-first person POV. NaNoWriMo 2010. Temporarily shelved for another idea that I couldn't get out of my head set in the same made up world. ~50 done.

Ariana: The story that stole my attention from Anna. ~30 done (and almost entirely planned out now). Can't come up with a good summary yet.

Untitled: Set in a weird time period that I've not figured out yet (thus the reason it's never been completed, though everything else is pretty much done). Scarlett is married off to a much older man, Julius Smith, whom she hardly knows and definitely doesn't care for thanks to an arranged marriage set up by her parents. She's madly in love with her best friend, Nicolas, who is in a similar situation to herself, forcing him to marry Brooke. Many infidelities ensue, and they all hope not to be caught, but what happens when the maid finds out? And Scarlett thinks her baby may not be her husband's after all. But this is a time when infidelities of that nature could truly ruin a person. Is she brave enough to admit it or will she suffer in silence, married to a man she doesn't love?

Untitled: M/M. Jordan's family kicked him out when he told them he was gay, but now they want to reconcile. He goes through with the reconciliation thanks to his mother's begging, and things seem like they might go back to being normal. Jordan makes a big drunken mistake that could easily get him "kicked out" of the family again, and so he makes a life change that includes getting a new job. While on the job, he runs into a fiery red head, Brock. And that's all I've got for now without telling you the whole story.

~ Mak ~

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