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Name: Myra
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthday: 7/7/92

So I'm mostly a big anime/video game nerd and I'm inspired by a lot of things: Life, Friends, Family, Nature, and Art. Poetry is surprisingly a hobby and most of mine is exceptionally bad. (in my opinion) I have a lot of stories that run through my mind but as of now I'm only working on Glass and Blood. I'm quiet when you first meet me but in reality I'm a very outgoing and hyper person. My personality definately contrasts to my writing style because I mostly write very dark stuff. I really like reveiws and I love responding to them! Meeting new people is really fun and I enjoy listening to other's perspectives. Constructive criticism is also great! By the way, I overuse smileys. XDD Sorry.



Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy IX


Final Fantasy X, X-2

Kingdom Hearts


Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

N.H.K. ni Yokoso


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Ouran Host Club

and MANY more...

AIM(never used): sakuratears19
E-mail: sakuratears19@
myspace: /sakuratears19

I have crappy drawings on deviant art. It's the same username so look me up! =)


"Glass and Blood"

Yuureiji, Moriko always runs. She runs away from her friends. She runs away from her problems. She runs away from herself. In the process of running away she gets into a traffic accident and winds up in a coma. Floating within her own subconsious she creates a fictional world that becomes her reality. Within this world her memory is completely erased and she sets out on a journey to recover it. She is the unknowing heroine that eventually must overcome her haunting past and the basis of her own identity.

On the other side of the spectrum is Ishimo, Kaijuu. He hates everyone and everything. The only person that had ever mattered to him was Moriko. She brought light into the darkness that he lived in. But now she is gone and he struggles to live in a world without her. Then one day he finds a small black book within the school library. There is no title. There is no auhor. When he opens the book he finds a story of another universe with Moriko as the protaganist trying to regain her memory. The even more disturbing fact, is that within this book there is an alternate version of himself that guides her.

Author's Note: Personally I hate summaries and I change this summary very often. I also don't think that this summary quite covers everything that needs to be said here. Glass and Blood definately means a lot to me and I will definately continue writing this until the end even if no one is reading it! =)


Glass and Blood- 1/2/09- Happy New Year! You get a new chapter! XD Took forever to write, however the plot thickens! =)

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