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Silvone Elestahr PM
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I am a 20 year old living in Bakersfield, Ca. I will be married to my fiance come December 1st, 2007, and thats when my real life begins. My ultimate goal in life is to publish a series of books related to material I have been working on for about five years. If I ever make any solid writings, I will post them on here. Most of it is just background writing though. In the meantime, I like to write other stories. I have several projects that I'm working on...whenever I get the urge to actually work on it.

The only story posted here is the beginnings to a story I created in my Religions of the World class in Arizona. The title is The Final Battle. I have more that I haven't posted because...well, there really isn't a lot to post at the moment. Hopefully I will soon have more up here.

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