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Rune A. Masterson
Joined Jun '03
Greetings! As you can probably tell by my pen name and email address, I'm a sailor in the might US Navy. ^_^

But not just *any* sailor...I've been in active service for 6 months and am presently enrolled in the Defense Information School at Ft. Meade, Maryland, as a journalism student. *grins* Yep, folks - I'm a hard working Navy writer. And loving every minute of it, too. True, being a full-time student at the second-hardest US military school is no small feat, but I'm pulling through. I've gotten through the worst, so now I can have a little fun and go back to what I love doing best - writing fiction for an appreciative public. *bows low*

I hope you enjoy my humble attempts at writing. I love feedback of any kind and I encourage emails. If I didn't want you folks to talk to me, I'd hide my email address. -_^= Now, just a word of caution - as I'm a sailor/student and my duties as a sailor/journalist come first, I might be the quickest up-dater on this site. But if you all have patience with me, I promise that I'll churn those chapters out quickly (or as slowly, as the case most likely will be) as I can.

Some more info about me...I'm only 18 years old and I come from an Army family. *laughs* Go figure, huh? Both of my parents are Army officers and I'm an enlisted seaman. *falls over laughing* Ah...who ever said the Fates didn't have a sense of humor?

Well...enough about me for now. I'm sure you all didn't care to know about half of that stuff anyway. Please read and enjoy.

And remember - I LOVE FEEDBACK!! Don't be afraid to let me know what you think. I can only get better if people let me what they do and don't like. -_^

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